Turning works

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Turning works

For manufacturing of standard and complex parts that are elements of the working systems of industrial and transport equipment, numerical control lathes (CNC) are used. Zetta Group specialists carry out parts manufacture orders for individual units and production lines on CNC lathes, ensuring the accuracy of compliance with the specified parameters.

The high-performance machines and systems for manufacturing of products from metal blanks are at our disposal. The company carries out turning works with different steel grades, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, titanium, and composite materials.

How to place an order for turning works

Zetta Group uses advanced technology while parts manufacturing for machines and special equipment. Our craftsmen, engineers, designers with successful practical experience in the field of metalworking, will help you in the shortest possible time to organize the delivery of the required products. Scheme on the interaction is provided below:

  • You send us a drawing or a sample of a part;
  • Our designers prepare documentation (if there are no drawings);
  • Our engineers choose the optimal technology for manufacturing parts (taking into account the number of units, the type of metal and the specific configuration);
  • Finished products are sent to any region of Ukraine.

The main advantages of our company are fair market values, fast and qualitative performance of the order and 100% quality of every par. Make a request for a turning work in a convenient way, and if you need consultation do not hesitate to contact us.

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Turning with different types of tools

Our company provides high quality metal turning works using high-tech tools for turning the blanks. The professional approach of specialists of Zetta Group to metal processing allows achieving of:

  • saving materials;
  • reduction of power consumption;
  • increasing of production volumes.

For turning equipment we use tools for rough and finishing surface treatment, which differ in the direction of movement (right, left), the geometric shape and size of the teeth. By functional purpose, the following types of tools are distinguished: threaded tools, shaped tools, boring tools, OD tools, facers, grooving tools.

Turners of our company make parts of different forms of the cutter and the location of the cutting edge (blade). Performance and quality of metal processing is largely dependent on the specified ratio between the edges of the cutter and the direction of feed. While manufacturing of parts with a large cross-section, an angle of 30-45°is set, for thin workpieces this angle is 60-90°. In machines with automated control, we strictly monitor compliance with the established parameters.

All performance standards of turning works on CNC machines are entered into the program before the start of work. All specified technical characteristics and details of the parts are saved in the memory of the automated complex, so we always carry out repeated orders in a short time.

Multifunctional turning-milling machines are used for the manufacture of parts with combined and complex machining (turning out grooves, ledges, joggles, geometric shapes, through holes).

We maintain contact with all our customers, discuss important points, and agree timing of orders. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or contact form on our web-site or send us an email.

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Work examples:

Шкив клиноременной Втулка опорная Клапан Ось

Classification of lathes

Токарный станок ЧПУ

The main element of the lathe is a rigidly fixed cutter. During the operation of the equipment, the metal block makes rotational movements in contact with the fixed cutter, resulting in turning of the blank. Serial parts for industrial mechanisms and assemblies of rings, nuts, screws, discs, cylinders, washers, etc. are produced on turning and turning-milling machines with CNC,

Токарный станок

There are several types of lathes utilized in metal working:

  • universal, or screw-cutting – for the production of standard metal spare parts;
  • turning-and-boring lathes with a work table – equipment with a faceplate, that is used to process large-sized blanks;
  • turret lathes are designed for several modes of surface treatment due to the change of working tools, that are equipped with a revolving drum;
  • surface lathes with a vertically located faceplate are designed for machining three-dimensional parts of round and cylindrical shape;
  • multispindle automatic machines – high-tech complexes, which produce parts of complex shape;
  • turning and milling centers – multifunctional systems capable of performing milling and turning operations at high speed and precise observance of the specified parameters;
  • turning and grinding longitudinal automatic machines – machines for manufacturing of small items.

Lathes are also classified according to the processing accuracy degree: Normal (N), Better (B), High (H), Ultraprecision (U), special (S),

On CNC machines, turning operations are carried out under the control of a computer program. Our operator only sets the operating parameters taking into account the specifics of the task and operational requirements determined by the manufacturer or the customer.

The technical complex works efficiently and accurately, ensuring the release of a specified number of parts, where each sample conforms to established standards. Other advantages of numerical control lathes:

  • reliability in servicing;
  • high performance;
  • automatic control at all stages of manufacturing;
  • uniform grinding of external and internal surfaces (tolerance- 0.01 mm).

Automatic feeding and unloading of blanks optimizes and speeds up the workflow.

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